The Wankys​/​Lotus Fucker Split 7"

by The Wankys/Lotus Fucker

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Split 7" between The Wankys and Lotus Fucker (KW-001/SPHC-5)

One side: Elderly English gentlemen churn out three songs of systematically perfect Swankys-worship. Braindrill guitars and obnoxious vocals wailing the greatest lyrics ever penned by man. Two short/fast/loud ragers, their meanest songs yet, and one mid-paced ode to Princess Wanky, every noisenheimer's wet dream.

Other side: Record/mixed/mastered in one day at Charm City Art Space in Baltimore. A two song statement about the unity and continuity of our existence and the world around us. As we are parts of a larger whole, so are we wholes composed of multiple parts. Everything is interlinked, interdependent. There is no "begin" and "end"; it's all the same. The music is still one giant wall of fucked up noise and distortion, punky beats and rabid vocals, fits squarely into the "raw hardcore punk" category.....but more of an emphasis on dynamics and repetition than on the previous LP.

A split release with SPHC.


released June 15, 2010



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Katorga Works Brooklyn, New York

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